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About company

Owners and managers of the Company are Ing. Petr Culka and Mr. Marek Sádlík. Since June 1990 doing business as physical persons.Since December 1992 were registered in the commercial register by the company's three core business.

  • C&S Eko, Ltd. Ronov nad Doubravou - purchase and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • C&S Transport, Ltd. Ronov nad Doubravou - transport
  • C&S Frucht, Ltd. Ronov nad Doubravou - export fruit

August 1, 1999 were the above mentioned companies merged to ascend under a common trade name:

CULKA & SADLIK, Ltd. Ronov nad Doubravou

Svatokřížská 465,
538 42 Ronov na Doubravou

subject to business in :

  • handling of hazardous waste
  • truckage
  • purchase of goods for resale and sale

Certificate of Incorporation

Business headquarters in Ronov nad Doubravou. The company has its workshops, offices, handling facilities, parking space for motor vehicles and special machinery. The company operates about 60 employees.

Culka Sádlík